I started programming in junior high school (as an option) in PASCAL. I have a BA in Industrial IT Science with a special focus on C and JAVA. I started to work for online e-learning in 2002 and at that time truly enjoyed PHP and MySQL. In 2003, I worked as a Freelancer and then for a Web Agency from 2004 to 2009.

I moved from France to Japan in May 2009.

I worked on numerous websites and this helped me to build up my own "tools box" with convenient tools to work efficiently.
Modular and envolvable programming is my strength. PHP5 brought the power of a better support of object oriented programming that makes bigger functions more accurate and flexible.

For example, I could help a newly created team involved in a project management, to solve common concurrent programming challenges while preventing the team members from doing some mistakes : the kind of mistakes one does when novice to programming and that can't be easily fixed when occuring on big scale projects.