Sand Box

Here you'll find a list of some of my activities. Some projects I participate to or my own projects.

Also, I plan to add experimental stuff, like CSS3 and HTML5 content,
but on a separate page.

Blender IES file reader

Update : 2010-03-20


A project I'm currently contributing to. This aims to help to represent lights fixtures in 3D. Blender is the software used to display the light candelas values. I'm writing a python script to read the polar coordinates of the IES files and convert them into ortho coordinates. These coordinates allow then to create a mesh in Blender.

Please visit the project page here : blenderiesreader

Urban Terror Launcher

Update : 2010-04-01


This is a Python/GTK application I developped to train to make server communications, sockets and threading programming in Python. It allows to keep track of your friends (buddies tab) and join them online to play together.

Please visit the project page here : UrbanTerrorLauncher